As ever when buying a new piece of tech I have to read so many articles and reviews that it takes me a good week to choose.

I start with the reviews and the newest spec I should really consider to make sure its at least near future proof. Then I ask my friends and colleagues about their tech and experiences of that.

At that point I have usually narrowed it down to 2 or three front runners.

In this case I had two definite front runners a HP & a Lenovo which were almost on par.

Cost is definitely something you need to consider as most people will have a budget rather than the free range to choose to spec they want and then stomach the fairly hefty price tag.

I decided on the HP Spectre which is a truly beautiful looking machine and has the spec I wanted/needed inside. I also had to decided if I wanted the 15″ which came with full size USB ports or whether I was happy to take the 13″ with the USB-C ports. Luckily an adaptor is provided.

The next decision took a day in itself – do I have the white or the black. I was even tempted at one point to order both and see which one i preferred.

Common sense prevailed and I decided on the white one as you don’t see them very often and I like to stand out from the crowd.

I am currently very happy with my choice although I do prefer a pre-loaded, plug and play option which is so often lacking these days. For myself that is fine as i know what I need and how to get it at the best value but for others its purely boggling trying to work that out.









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