Ok so I have been busy promoting my business and helping my customers. I have received some great feedback. Please see below a few of the ways I have helped my customers so far.

Job 1 – Helped remove programs from a Mac, Helped get videos off a phone and onto a computer & showed how to change & add pictures to a WordPress website.

Job 2 – Helped get customer information from an old system into a new one, helped set up templates in new system, helped create new entries based on customer specific info & trained on how to do all of this going forward.

Job 3 – Half a days training on Office 365 in the style of a Q & A session.

Job 4 – Half a days Admin training in Dynamics 365.

Job 5 – Explained the different internet browsers, helped set up social profiles on sites requested, explained bookmarking and showed how to add and answered any other questions as they arose.

Job 6 – Half a days admin training on Ivanti Service Management and some problem solving.

Job 7 – Half a days SharePoint Training.

Job 8 – A days further training on Dynamics 365 & Ivanti Service Management.

I’ve been working with some fantastic people in some fantastic companies and i’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the next batch!

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