As I’m self employed its handy for my husband to know where I am. This would also be handy if I wanted to see my employees appointments etc.

Both myself and my husband have iPhone’s and we share our work calendars with each other which is handy when trying to make plans.

We do the same with our shopping list to avoid all of the ‘I thought you had it’ conversations.

Please see below how you can utilise this for yourself!

Open the calendar


Go into ‘Calendars’


Click on the ‘i’ next to the calendar you want to share. I have used ‘Home’ in this example.


Select ‘Add Person’


Either start typing the name next to ‘To:’ or click the plus to add from your phone book then click ‘Add’.


The person will get a message saying they have been added and will be able to view all on the calendar.


To do the same with a note open the ‘Notes’


Click the little plus on a person at the top


You can add via ‘Message’ to send a text to the person to notify them they have a shared note.


Add the person you want to share the note with to the message.


These remain shared until they are un-shared.

Any questions just let me know!





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