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#TipOfTheWeek – Sign up for the FREE version of Microsoft Teams!

Teams is a collaborative tool and is a one-stop app for making calls, online chats, meetings, conferences and document sharing.

What’s included in the freebie version?

Unlimited chat messages

Audio and video calling

10GB of team file storage plus an extra 2GB for each individual for personal use

Integrated content with Office online apps, e.g built in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

App integrations with more than 140 other business apps

Capability to collaboratively communicate with colleagues and peers inside and outside of your company

Not included in the freebie version but included in the fully paid version of Teams:

1TB of storage per user

Scheduled meetings and meeting recordings

OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner, Yammer, and more Office 365 services

Exchange email hosting and custom email domain plus web and desktop versions of Outlook

Who is eligible for the free version?

Anyone who does not have a paid Office 365 subscription is eligible for the free version of Teams. All you need is an email address to sign up.

There are plans for those who do not have Teams as part of their paid for Office 365 subscription to download it for 1 years free trial.

Download free here:

Life Hacks

As I’m self employed its handy for my husband to know where I am. This would also be handy if I wanted to see my employees appointments etc.

Both myself and my husband have iPhone’s and we share our work calendars with each other which is handy when trying to make plans.

We do the same with our shopping list to avoid all of the ‘I thought you had it’ conversations.

Please see below how you can utilise this for yourself!

Open the calendar


Go into ‘Calendars’


Click on the ‘i’ next to the calendar you want to share. I have used ‘Home’ in this example.


Select ‘Add Person’


Either start typing the name next to ‘To:’ or click the plus to add from your phone book then click ‘Add’.


The person will get a message saying they have been added and will be able to view all on the calendar.


To do the same with a note open the ‘Notes’


Click the little plus on a person at the top


You can add via ‘Message’ to send a text to the person to notify them they have a shared note.


Add the person you want to share the note with to the message.


These remain shared until they are un-shared.

Any questions just let me know!





Work I have completed so far!

Ok so I have been busy promoting my business and helping my customers. I have received some great feedback. Please see below a few of the ways I have helped my customers so far.

Job 1 – Helped remove programs from a Mac, Helped get videos off a phone and onto a computer & showed how to change & add pictures to a WordPress website.

Job 2 – Helped get customer information from an old system into a new one, helped set up templates in new system, helped create new entries based on customer specific info & trained on how to do all of this going forward.

Job 3 – Half a days training on Office 365 in the style of a Q & A session.

Job 4 – Half a days Admin training in Dynamics 365.

Job 5 – Explained the different internet browsers, helped set up social profiles on sites requested, explained bookmarking and showed how to add and answered any other questions as they arose.

Job 6 – Half a days admin training on Ivanti Service Management and some problem solving.

Job 7 – Half a days SharePoint Training.

Job 8 – A days further training on Dynamics 365 & Ivanti Service Management.

I’ve been working with some fantastic people in some fantastic companies and i’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the next batch!

Buying a New Laptop

As ever when buying a new piece of tech I have to read so many articles and reviews that it takes me a good week to choose.

I start with the reviews and the newest spec I should really consider to make sure its at least near future proof. Then I ask my friends and colleagues about their tech and experiences of that.

At that point I have usually narrowed it down to 2 or three front runners.

In this case I had two definite front runners a HP & a Lenovo which were almost on par.

Cost is definitely something you need to consider as most people will have a budget rather than the free range to choose to spec they want and then stomach the fairly hefty price tag.

I decided on the HP Spectre which is a truly beautiful looking machine and has the spec I wanted/needed inside. I also had to decided if I wanted the 15″ which came with full size USB ports or whether I was happy to take the 13″ with the USB-C ports. Luckily an adaptor is provided.

The next decision took a day in itself – do I have the white or the black. I was even tempted at one point to order both and see which one i preferred.

Common sense prevailed and I decided on the white one as you don’t see them very often and I like to stand out from the crowd.

I am currently very happy with my choice although I do prefer a pre-loaded, plug and play option which is so often lacking these days. For myself that is fine as i know what I need and how to get it at the best value but for others its purely boggling trying to work that out.









The Journey Continues…

So as my last project draws to a close my new adventure starts.

I have joined forces with the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and I am looking at joining the Telford Business Club.

Stay tuned for more info on both!